Andy Sanders

Senior Project Manager

Andrew Sanders joined Braidy Industries as Technical Project Manager for the Atlas Mill project with over 33 years of experience in the metals industries.  His previous role was Technical Director for Process Equipment in the Fluor Corporation Mining & Metals group.  Andy’s main activities were working with Clients in the Aluminum, Steel and Titanium industries to develop metals processing equipment requirements, establish greenfield plant designs, improve brownfield plant layouts, and collaborating with OEM suppliers.  Managing design and construction teams as Hot Strip Mill and Cold Rolling Area Manager for the Ma’aden Aluminum Rolling Mill facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which targeted coiled sheet for the beverage can and automotive markets, was his most recent major assignment.  The area manager assignment included all phases of the project, beginning with the plant design concept and finishing with the startup of the process equipment.  This assignment also included an in-country assignment during the construction and commissioning phases.  Andy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.