Bernardo Bulnes

Raw Materials Manager

With more than 25 years of experience as a metallurgical engineer—and 12 years in the aluminum industry—Bernardo Bulnes’ results-oriented approach to manufacturing has improved safety, compliance, productivity and profitability in each of his roles over the years.

As Raw Materials Manager for Unity Aluminum, Bernardo is responsible for implementing processes and tools in place to validate chemical compositions, predict mechanical properties, optimize sourcing, pricing, purchasing and inventory level control of raw materials avoiding excess raw materials and minimizing stockouts that affect the ability of the Mill to execute the production schedule.

Over the years, Bernardo has made a name for himself as a distinguished metallurgical engineer. Prior to joining Unity Aluminum, Bernardo served as the Senior Staff Engineer of BFC Development Operations for Tesla, and was responsible for the design, construction, commissioning and operation of a manufacturing cell to produce the largest die cast structural part in the automotive industry.

From working directly with customers to directing production, Bernardo has served in both operational and executive positions for several publicly traded companies, such as Rusal America and Constellium Ravenswood.

Bernardo holds a Masters of Materials Engineering from MIT.