Matthew Rakes

Managing Director, IT and Cybersecurity

Matthew Rakes provides the vision, guidance, and oversight for our company by merging proven security standards with out of the box thinking. His unique style places the corporation years ahead of the competition and makes our company more secure and resilient. Matthew joined the company in late 2017, while Braidy Industries was still in its infancy. He quickly began to focus on the technology necessary to make the company the world’s leading aluminum mill and alloy research facility.

Prior to joining our company, Matthew was the Chief Information Officer for a records compliance and archive company. Matthew implemented robust security practices and innovative technologies, propelling the small business into a multimillion-dollar operation. While serving as the CIO, Matthew launched an arm of the company serving businesses with cybersecurity consulting and network implementations. Matthew served as Chief Information Officer and Chief Operations Officer for six more years before leaving to become part of a new startup called Braidy Industries. During the course of his career, Matthew has managed over 100 million dollars of equipment and maintained excellent fiscal responsibility for his previous employers and clients, making him an asset to our organization.