Matthew Rakes

Managing Director, IT and Cybersecurity

For more than 20 years, Matthew Rakes’ progressive technology vision, coupled with his operational and fiscal prowess, has catapulted organizations into the forefront of technological innovation.

As Managing Director of IT and Cybersecurity for Unity Aluminum, Matthew is responsible for developing the technology vision and implementation for the enterprise, including our new aluminum rolling mill and our emerging sciences aluminum research facility. Matthew utilizes an agile cybersecurity and defense posture, creating the perfect mix of usable security standards that are readily adoptable and adaptable to modern business. Matthew leads the technology sector by combining a Lean Six Sigma approach with a unique project management style that merges progressive innovation with proven standards.

Matthew’s recognized portfolio of experience includes Hurricane Katrina claims processing consultation, cybersecurity evaluation and consultation for hundreds of tri-state area businesses, and meeting compliance goals for CDI Corporation and Special Metals Corporation.

Prior to joining Unity Aluminum, Matthew served as the Chief Information Officer for TRI-DATA, Inc., a records compliance and archive company. During his tenure, Matthew implemented robust security practices and innovative technologies, propelling the small business into a multimillion-dollar operation.

Matthew attended Marshall University, pursuing a B.T. in Management of Information Systems.

Matthew is an avid volunteer in his community, teaching biblical studies locally and online globally, and is involved in initiatives that increase pedestrian safety and walkability in the tri-state region.