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High-QualityCertification Ready Aluminum Sheet

Unity Aluminum plans to deliver the lowest cost, highest quality, Aluminum alloys (3XXX, 5XXX and 6XXX Aluminum Sheet) available in the market today.

CAFE standards, consumer demand and economic pressures are driving an exciting revolution of the transportation industry towards aluminum —a revolution that requires lighter weight but even stronger materials. Unity Aluminum, backed by world-class technology, research and its development company, NanoAL, is leading this revolution.

Unity Aluminum’s team has automotive Tier 1 product quality experience focused on implementation, certification and management of IATF 16949 and ISO 9001.

Automotive manufacturers will be able to build cars of the future with light, safe, strong and reliable Unity Aluminum, allowing them to meet the industry's ever-changing regulatory and environmental standards.


Our Methods

Unity Aluminum will exceed the product needs of customers by providing the lowest cost, highest quality aluminum to meet demand. Specifically, Unity Aluminum's state-of-the-art mill has built-in advantages over competitors:

Automated coil handling systems to eliminate handling damage

Increased efficiencies due to the ability to produce the largest coils in the industry

Big data utilization to control, predict and optimize mill performance

Use of artificial intelligence to optimize product recovery

A purpose-built mill supplying into the global aluminum market shortage

Widest width capability of any cast house in North America

Widest continuously heat-treated sheet available in the market

Optimal Location

Nestled along the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, this investment to build the first greenfield aluminum rolling mill in North America in nearly 40 years will provide hundreds of long-term, high paying jobs to the world-class workers of eastern Kentucky. Located within 250 miles of 50% of U.S. automotive manufacturing capacity, and with convenient access to rail, interstate, and water transportation, Unity Aluminum's location allows for same-day closed loop recycling.

Working alongside our local, state and federal authorities and communities, Unity Aluminum will be anchored in a federally designated opportunity zone, setting the stage for the revitalization of coal country and drawing on its large pool of skilled labor to build and operate its modern aluminum rolling mill.