State-of-the-art mill designed specifically to penetrate the global aluminum supply chain in the automotive and industrial sector. Why build this project now?

  • Domestic aluminum market consumption exceeds shipments, placing the market in a shortfall situation well beyond 2030
  • Significant conversion cost advantages designed in to complement lower maintenance costs due to new equipment, lower energy rates and more efficient manpower utilization
  • Braidy Atlas differentiates itself with producing the largest cast ingot in the industry and the wildest continuous coil to coil sheet through heat treating, annealing and post treatment. Our fully automated, state of the art, coil storage and retrieval system shows our respect for your product


Team focused growth strategy with purposeful opportunities for expansion.

The Braidy Leadership team includes:

  • Experienced senior leadership team
  • Operations “Who’s Who” in Aluminum rolling expertise: Top five Operations and Quality Managers from industry with over 200 years of aluminum management experience related to mill operations and continual improvement.
  • Automotive Tier 1 product quality experience focused on implementation, certification, and management of IATF16949 and ISO9001.

Braidy’s base design for 300kMT of finished product allows for significant future expansion with options to further serve our core automotive sector or diversify into other markets.



Detailed approach to planning that mitigates risk and delivers on expectations.

  • Critical State and Local Permits required for the mill have been received.
  • Mill designed with proven state-of-the-art technology, partnering with world class equipment suppliers.
  • Multi-disciplined operational readiness strategies in place to mitigate startup risks in key areas.
  • Quality systems tools (Failure Modes & Effects Analysis and Control Plans) used during equipment design to minimize startup and product risks in partnership with our customers.